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31-Jan-2016 08:21

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Some of the videos on my Youtube channel have gotten tens of thousands of views. Or to be unsure of what to say when you meet someone you don’t know well.

This low self-esteem results in a tendency to withdraw from social interaction. It’s going to happen to your crush, as well—he’s imperfect, too! Release your perfectionism and dwell on the fact that you are, in fact, going to mess up, but that no one is going to care. Barry Schlenker, professor of psychology at the University of Florida, advises.

Would you believe that over half of all Americans self-identify as “shy,” especially around members of the opposite sex? If your shyness is getting in the way of love, though, it’s time to do something about it.

When we give into our shyness and turn aside from the opportunity to meet new people—particularly those we may have developed feelings for—we put ourselves at great risk. Ask yourself this: is the momentary pain of rejection the worst thing that could happen to you? To combat shyness, let’s first take a look at what it actually is. The shy simply do not have the confidence that they can perform in social situations, and believe that they will be punished in some way for their failure.

Focus on the people and things that make you feel good - like your friends and your family. Spend your free time doing stuff that makes you feel good about being you.

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Also, focus on your strengths, things you're good at, your accomplishments, and your hobbies. Shy people tend not to smile or make eye contact with other people.

And I asked them a simple question: “What are your best tips for overcoming shyness around women?