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I researched it and thought about all my choices and decided to go ahead with a complete hystorectmy...first thing I remember coming out of recovery is my GYN telling me that I made the right decision...he removed my ovaries they were covered with cyst that we never knew about as I'd never had female troubles....there was also some thickening of the uterus as well..said that in a handful of years I would have been doing this anyway....I havent had any menopausal side effects at all....The shots are also something I haven't heard of anyone here getting for DCIS. I’m thinking that maybe I should take a class on how to write better titles for posts.Anyway, the title notwithstanding, I have been wanting to write something about the effects of sex steroids on bone ever since I saw a post by a guy on one of the lists who mentioned that his endocrinologist said that taking estrogen blockers didn’t matter. The mixed agonists/antagonists are also used to treat ER-positive breast cancer and have selective activity depending on the tissue.

Trudie and I just looked at each other in complete disbelief and drove home in silence." "Later that night, once everyone was in bed, I went to my studio at the bottom of the garden, and that's when the enormity of the prognosis hit me. I had hope now." He was placed on a three-month course of Casodex, hormone-therapy tablets, to reduce the cancerous tumours before he could undergo radiotherapy, and he then made the difficult decision of taking four months off work as a precaution.

The cord is tied and cut, removing the testis (C), and the wound is repaired (D).

( removal of both testicles is known as a bilateral orchiectomy, or castration, because the person is no longer able to reproduce.

meera wrote: Hi, I recently met with a gyn onc and he suggested having my ovaries and possibly my uterus as well removed - more as a precaution than for any particular reason.

I am 44 and so I will most likely go into early menopause from the chemo and so he said that this will help prevent ovarian and cervical cancer and will aslo reduce the chances of BC recurrence. I was dx with stage 2a BC in January and have had a lumpectomy to remove the tumor.smuf wrote: hi not posted for a whilesaw my oncologist the other day was for examination i asked her about mammo and what happens after the 8 month one which im due for in nov 2007, she said i would be having mammos every 18 months which she must have seen the expression on my face(horrified)lol, she told me because that bc is slow growing thats standard but havin read some of your post most of you get yearly ones. Jul 9, 2007 AM smuf wrote: yes was grade 3 stage 0 lumpectomy followed by 6 wks rads tamoxifen and zoladex injections every 4 wks for 2 years tumour size was 2cm no invasion no node involvment but she said breast cancer is slow growing so every 18 months would be fine Jul 9, 2007 AM ijl wrote: I am not sure about your age.

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